Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some thoughts from a truck-driving triathlete . . .

Our San Diego or Bust one-truck-convoy has reached the Denver area and I have a few moments to share my thoughts. Its amazing that I am driving a Prime Inc. truck for USA Triathlon to carry bicycles to the ITU World Triathlon San Diego race. This is only my second year in triathlon, but I have learned and experienced so much.
Last year I drove my truck and delivered a load at Ben & Jerry's, then parked my truck and competed in the USAT Age Group National Championships in Burlington, VT. I had a great race and an even greater experience. It was there were I met Tim Yount of USAT. Like many triathletes, I ate and slept all things triathlon. I read all the magazines and books, and watched all the ITU races. So when Tim called me with the idea of transporting bikes to San Diego in the back of a Prime trailer, I was thrilled. An opportunity to see all the elite athletes I was watching on http://triathlonlive.tv
I, however, had no experience with packing or shipping bikes in my trailer, so I had to call in some expertise. The first person I called was Zane Schweer of Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles which was a sponsor of the Endurance Films Racing Team and who served as our teams bike specialist in Burlington. It was Zane who assured us this could be done and came up with the packing plan and logistics and everything. With Zane on board, it became a road trip. San Diego or Bust!
A lot of people ask me how I am able to train and compete as a triathlete while living on the road as a truck driver. to find out, read my post How I Do It on my website: http://fitfortrucking.com/?p=163 Well, in two more days we will be in San Diego and I will be getting ready to race! See you all there! Siphiwe Baleka, ZuluRoadmaster 214th at 2012 Ironman South Africa Pictures: Saying goodbye to my son TaNihisi, Getting Mike's truck washed, my co-driver Mike, Zane packing the bikes


  1. Hi Siphiwe, it was great to meet you on sunday. You guys are doing a great job, shipping the bikes like this made it possible for me to go to San Diego.
    I checked out your IM South Africa race result, nice work!

  2. Well, you do have to wonder how you can train and compete if you’re always on the road, driving a truck as a profession. Well, for one thing, a driver is usually physically and mentally fit because both his mind and body are always being pushed to the limit by the exercise of driving a large vehicle.

    @Odessa Coldiron

  3. You do have a decent but tough job, my friend. Hitting the long road can be quite boring, and it can make you real hungry, so I suggest that you bring along heavy meals. By the way, how are you doing now with your triathlon? I'm pretty sure that you are physically and mentally fit by now. Having both qualities will also help you drive the truck with ease.
    Humberto Decius